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Technical management

Technical management services Nabla IT Solutions provides a full range of technical management services for companies and professionals.

Many companies want to budget their IT expenses. We allow for that with our support contracts. These can range from the very basic to a total all encompassing package. Since this is such a varied and complex issue, we would need to review your needs and the network to determine the program that works best for you.

Full Network support
With the Full Network support package we can quote you a set price to cover all your IT needs for the year, this would include all help desk, break fix, on-going support, server support, network monitoring, PC’s, laptops, PDA’s, Printers, Software and Remote Access. This allows a business owner to know each month what they will spend on IT. Keep in mind that the true cost of IT should be 5% of the total revenue of the company. This is just to give you some idea of what is really spent or should be spent on IT related expenses, it is not a guideline we use to determine what to charge. Many business owners don’t know the real cost of IT or how many areas it effects in their business.

Application Server support
With the Application Server support package we would provide you with a set monthly price to cover any hardware replacement or support associated with your server or servers. Many companies feel that they can live without a desktop or laptop until it gets fixed, but the server is the life blood of their business and needs extra special attention. This option allows a company to relax knowing that this critical piece of the business infrastructure is being taken care of at the highest level. We would install our special monitoring software on your server that would notify us of any changes which could indicate a potential problem.

Help Desk support
The Help Desk support package provides assistance to certain pieces of your network to add to a support contract, such as key desktops, printers or users. Or perhaps it is a critical application that needs to be kept operational as much as possible. We can provide you al-a-carte pricing for these options.

Custom support
Custom and hybrid support packages are also available. We can work with you to determine your risk level and design a package that is perfect for you.


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