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Education and training services

Education and training services Business companies are dependant on cutting-edge computer and information technology to operate efficiently in an ever-competitive market driven economy. However, more often than not, these companies lack the internal resources to effectively implement new technologies required to meet their needs. In these instances, they rely on information technology professionals to help implement technology driven solutions such as setting up a secure website or integrating their traditional brick and mortar business with Internet driven business models. They may also turn to IT professionals to help them manage the data management processes or automate their help-desk support systems.

Nabla is engaged in servicing the computer education and training at various levels, both for corporates and organizations. In addition to our commitment to quality education, we shall also provide hardware, competent computer instructors, laboratory assistants, and maintenance personnel, design computer courses, install software, conduct training and workshops for the school instructors and staff, prepare computer hand-outs and manuals and provide advice and consultancy services to school administrators. We also offer learning paths for key roles across private and public organizations.


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