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Data and network security services

Data and network security services Information security systems are typically implemented through an accurate design of an IT infrastructure able to guarantee data protection in every productive environment. Frquently used solutions to reach this goal are Backup & Restore systems, Disaster Recovery services and Clustering implemetations. All our data protection solutions are provided within a high-availabilty security paradygm which includes physical and logical security services.

Our data protection services help you maximize the value of your Data Protection investment. Whether you struggle with an existing implementation or you aim to define a new strategy, Nabla's Data Protection Consultants specialize in transforming your vision into clear business objectives, assessing the state of your current infrastructure, and defining a clear list of requirements for achieving your security vision. Once your vision is secured and the business objectives are agreed upon across the organization, a Data Protection Consultant will work with you to create the blueprints for your vision.

Best Practices and Awareness
We provide services that provide best practices and awareness to our customers covering industry trends, compliance regulation, and technology considerations. We offer Data Protection best practices workshops to ensure that consideration is given to many of the issues seen across the industry early in the planning cycle for organizations.

Strategy and Design
We also provide strategy and design services to assist customers in making the right long-term architectural decisions prior to implementing a solution. We can assist with the overall planning, requirements gathering, and use case definitions. Working with stakeholders a project plan is developed along with a detailed report at the end of the engagement.

Implementation and Operation
We do have an implementation team designed to help customers effectively take their technology investment and ensure a successfully deployment. We offer comprehensive product training to ensure that solutions are implemented optimally.

We assist our customers in performing an assessment of the deployed solution. This can be performed upon initial rollout or at a later time, such as annually when the customer environment, as well as compliance mandates are likely to have changed. In addition, Nabla's team can help in the preparation for a formal third party audit to satisfy internal policies and regulatory requirements.

Security systems
Security is a critical component to your IT strategy because it keeps your systems running and your company productive despite disruptive events that may be raging around you. In order to protect your organization from natural disasters, power failures, theft, and equipment crashes, your technology must be configured in a way that protects your data from things out of your control.

Our solutions include:
Disaster Recovery systems
Off-site Replication
On-site and remote D2D Backups
Datacenter and Storage services
Virtualization solutions


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