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Private cloud computing

Private cloud computing services Nabla’s R-Evolution cloud services can completely change the way companies and professionals use technology to service their customers, partners and suppliers. We provide a wide range of private cloud computing solutions, both customized and ready-to-run services. They typically feature:

1. Expanded Access
Employees can access needed data at any time of the day or night and can collaborate with colleagues from any location with any Internet connection. In addition, customers can access vital data such as statements or order status without the need for costly human interaction from your customer service department. In short, information flow is more timely and quickly managed.

2. Lowered IT Costs
Technology can save huge amounts of time and energy. Still, it must be maintained. In a cloud-based solution, the hardware, software and support are all provided by the vendor. The costs of these items is spread across a number of clients and is, therefore, superior in quality but less expensive for each individual client. Similarly, all upgrades, backups and expansions of the system are handled by the provider and their implementation is typically transparent to the client and to their customers.

3. Increased Security
Security with a cloud-based solution is also far better than with a traditional in-house solution. In general, the off-site location sees far fewer people than an office or manufacturing facility. In addition, the provider is intimately involved with the equipment on a daily basis. These two facts mean that the equipment is monitored far more closely than in an in-house solution.

Cloud R-evolution means advanced cloud computing services such as Private Clouds and Office Clouds, combining hardware and software into a specific and customized infrastructure to store your data and applications. Our platforms are conceived for enterprises looking to have their data center hosted off-site. The "cloud" utilizes virtualization to securely and flexibly allow access to company data via internet-based applications. All aspects of the data center take advantage of virtualization technology, including servers, storage, and network equipment. This technology increases access and heightened security to corporate data. Our cloud computing solutions combine powerful, high availability technology with our award-winning engineering to provide your company with a transparent infrastructure to house your most precious IT assets.
Our cloud computing platforms are powerful and scalable to your individual needs. We offer both private and multi-tenant cloud solutions for your enterprise.


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